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    A Fun Place For Dogs To Socialize & Play With Others!

    ***New - Unlimited Preppy Pet Membership: $360/month*** (Valid for 30 days from date of purchase). Includes unlimited daycare days, 1 free bath, and 10% off when boarding during the month of membership. 

    Two Free Days of Doggie Daycare for New Customers!

     Doggie Daycare

    Doggie Daycare

    Wish you could stay home and play with your dog all day? That's not always possible, but here at Preppy Pet - that's exactly what we do.

    Doggie Daycare | Preppy Pet West Houston

    Preppy Pet West Houston offers a fun, safe and healthy doggie daycare play environment that enriches spirit, increases social skills and builds confidence with hours of exercise and stimulation. We provide a controlled and monitored environment, in which approved dogs can interact and play off-leash throughout the day with other dogs. 

    Doggie Daycare is great for working parents, short trips, & home improvement projects that your pet might interfere with. Dog trainers also highly recommend young dog socialization and interaction with other dogs along with the exercise they'll receive while playing with one another - releasing their extra energy.


    Doggie Daycare | Preppy Pet West Houston


    Furthermore, one of the most important factors affecting your dog’s socialization is the frequency of positive social interactions with other furry friends and humans. Dogs are creatures of habit and by attending daycare on a regular basis, you are helping to create a happy, healthy, and most importantly - a well-socialized pup!


    Doggie Daycare at Preppy Pet West Houston includes supervised playtime in our large room divided into three climate-controlled indoor play areas with toys, outdoor walks and nap times. Dogs are separated into supervised dog daycare groups based on personality, activity level and size.

    Doggie Daycare Ball Pit | Preppy Pet West Houston

    The dogs enrolled in daycare are taken outside for recess several times a day to enjoy our fenced-in-play yard with real grass. All play areas feature a fun atmosphere, toys, beds, fresh water, and daily scheduled activities. 


    Preppy Pet West Houston dogs having fun outside


    Our outside playground equipment is designed to be both safe and engaging while providing your companion with plenty of exercise. Preppy Pet West Houston turns dog daycare into a mini staycation for your four-legged family member!

     Preppy Pet West Houston | Doggie Daycare Center

    After a long fun-filled day, a tired and relaxed pup awaits you. Hours of play with friends will provide your dog with needed exercise and socialization so that you can enjoy perhaps the best part of owning a dog - relaxing & cuddling in the evenings with a tired furbaby! So drop them off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home - they’ll love it here!

    Doggie Daycare | Preppy Pet West Houston

    We have many money saving full-day/multi-day packages for you and your pets to make doggy daycare affordable and fun! Call 832-427-1457 for information or questions you may have about our doggy daycare packages & program. We also offer multi-dog discounts on our packaged deals. 


    Preppy Pet West Houston Doggie Daycare


    Short on time - we offer our Preppy Pet Valet service - just call ahead and drive up to our covered drop off area and we'll get your pet(s). 


    Call us today to understand what is uniquely included in our doggy daycare program and why leading veterinarians recommend dog daycare at our facility above other providers. 


    For the health and safety of our pet guests & employees, all dogs must be current on their vaccinations prior to check-in & must be on flea and tick prevention. Vaccinations must be given at least 48 hours before arrival by a licensed veterinarian. Written proof of the vaccinations are required for all pet guests. 


    *Required Dog Vaccinations: Please Click Here


     Dog Daycare at Preppy Pet West Houston





    A Trusted Name Since 2014

    Doggie Daycare Fun | Preppy Pet West Houston


    First two days are FREE for new customers!

    1 Dog: $21/per day

    2 Dogs: $37/per day

    3 Dogs: $53/per day


    Discounted Dog Daycare Packages

    Preppy Pet West Houston promotes regular playtime for your pet and provides affordable doggie daycare package deals that never expire. We offer discounted passes in 10 or 20 day packs! Cut the time of having to check in and out at the front desk with discount package rates as low as $17.85 a day and save over $3 off the daily rates! Save more with our multiple dog discounts, too! Bring your dogs in to have fun socializing, exercising and playing with others and save today!


    Dog Daycare at Preppy Pet includes:

    · Supervision with lots of exercise and socialization

    · Access to our Preppy Petcams for our customers to view their dogs in play

    · Ample access to fresh, clean drinking water

    · Daily activities

    · Staff interacts with dogs

    · Always clean & safe

    · Nap time (11:30 am - 1:30 pm)

    · Dogs are taken outside up to five times a day

    · Covered drop off area (great for rainy days)

    · Easy drop off and pick up

    · Located off HWY 6 between Clay Rd. and Keith Harrow - convenient to I-10 & 290

    · Plenty of parking

    Our dog daycare hours are:

     Mon - Fri (6:30 am - 6:30 pm)

     Sat (8 am - 3:30 pm)






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