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  • Pets Deserve a Vacation, Too

    Whether you’re planning your dream vacation, dealing with an unexpected trip, or travel frequently for your job - we take the guilt and worry out of leaving your pets behind. Preppy Pet West Houston has been the trusted source for dog boarding in the Houston, Katy, Cypress and surrounding areas since 2014. Our staff ensures your pets receive all the love and comfort of a home plus all the fun and adventure of doggie day camp with our dog boarding play options – all under the supervision of our trained staff.

    A Safe, Fun Alternative to Pet Sitters

    Leaving your pet in the care of friends, neighbors or pet sitters is often a gamble. We’ve heard too many sad and scary pet sitting stories to believe it’s a risk worth taking. A couple of short visits a day just aren’t enough to keep your dog or cat from being lonely and at risk of injury or sudden illness. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy whenever you leave them with us.

    Dog Boarding Suites

    Our standard/basic overnight dog boarding suites start as low as $25 per night. Call us today 832-427-1457 to understand what is uniquely included in our amazing standard, comfy, secure care and why leading veterinarians recommend dog boarding at our facility above other providers. 

    Furthermore, boarding your dog should be a stress free experience for you and your pet. We invite you to come in, take a tour, ask questions and meet the staff anytime during business hours. Ask to see our dog boarding options, doggie daycare room and more!

    50% discount available for your 2nd, 3rd or 4th dog if they board in the same dog boarding suite. *Excludes Family Suites which are already discounted for multiple dogs. 

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    Preppy Pet West Houston New Client Offers

    Our facility offers eight dog boarding suites to choose from along with two play options, too. Dog boarding prices include a full day and night stay with up to 5 outdoor walks, feeding your provided foods and treats, per pet/per night with additional pets sharing the same suite always receiving a 50% discount.


    Dog Boarding | Preppy Pet West Houston

    Have an active dog and would like for your four-legged friend to stretch their legs while boarding? Try our Dog Daycare Indoor Play. We offer a safe and healthy doggy daycare play environment that enriches spirit, increases social skills and builds confidence with hours of exercise and stimulation.


    Our dog daycare play room is a large room divided into three climate-controlled indoor play areas with two choices of play to choose from. All dogs are paired with same size and temperament of dogs, and can be watched on our Petcams while you’re vacationing.


    Outside fun | Preppy Pet West Houston

    Extended Stay Discounts

    Stay 25 nights or longer and receive a 15% discount off the dog boarding rate & a FREE bath. A 50% deposit is required for extended stays 2 weeks or longer. 

    Dropping off a loved one is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Choose your pet(s) suite size, based on the size of your pet or pet family.

    How to size your dog(s) to our dog boarding suites:

    Small Dogs: 1-25 lbs. Medium Dogs: 25-45 lbs. Large Dogs: 50 to 100 lbs. X-Large Dogs: over 100 lbs. 

    (Dog sizes and breeds may vary)

    Additional pets sharing the same suite always receive a 50% discount.

    Big Mini Suite: $25 (pictured below)

    Accommodates 2 toys or one miniature breed.

    Big Mini Dog Boarding Suites

    Medium Suite: $30

    Accommodates up to 3 miniature or 2 medium breed.

    Medium Red Suite (very popular/pictured below): $34

    Accommodates up to 2 medium breeds or 3 smalls.

    Large Suite (our most popular): $36

    Accommodates up to 2 medium breeds or 1 large breed.

    Extra Large Suite: $38

    Accommodates up to 3 medium breeds or 2 large breeds or 1 extra large breed.

    Super Suite: $40

    Accommodates up to 4 medium breeds or 3 large breeds or 2 extra large breeds.

    Family Dog Boarding Suites (very popular/pictured above): $60 per night

    (5' x 7'): Accommodates up to 4 small breeds, or 3 medium breeds, or 2 large breeds, or 1 x-large breed. 2 dogs: $80; 3 dogs: $95; 4 dogs: $100. A very durable & comfortable setting for our pet guests with windows & a dutch door. Group play is FREE!

    Family Dog Boarding Suites (Our largest/pictured above): $70 per night

    (8' x 7'): Accommodates up to 4 medium breeds, or 4 large breeds, or 3 extra large breeds. 2 dogs: $90; 3 dogs: $105; 4 dogs: $110. A very durable & comfortable setting for our pet guests with windows & a dutch door. Group play is FREE!

    Dog Boarding | Preppy Pet West Houston

    2. Choose Optional Play Time: full day or private play.

    Indoor play options are per dog, per day and includes access to watch your dog(s) on our web cams. Your dog only stays in his suite while napping, eating and during nighttime. Indoor Play | Preppy Pet West Houston

    $ 10.00 group play.

    $ 5.00 private play one on one per 15 minutes.

    3. Choose an Optional Spa Bath or Full Groom: great before going home and after playing.

    Dog bathStay 2 nights or more and receive $5 off all spa baths. Prices start at $25 and will vary with breed and size. We will confirm price once you check-in.

    For the health and safety of our pet guests & employees, all dogs must be current on their vaccinations prior to check-in & must be on flea and tick prevention. Vaccinations must be given at least 48 hours before arrival by a licensed veterinarian. Written proof of the vaccinations are required for all pet guests.

    Please click here for vaccination requirements.


    *Checkout is 1 pm everyday of the week. Pets that check out after 1 pm will incur an additional $20 fee per pet.*

    * Pets receiving a departure service may not be ready by 1:00 p.m. Dog boarding checkout fees will be waived for the departure day.




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