• Pet Vaccination Event

  • Pet Vaccination Event

    Vanguard Veterinary Clinic will be offering discounted pet vaccines on February 27 from 5-7:30 pm at our facility, Preppy Pet West Houston: 16150 Rippling Water, Houston, TX 77084. Come meet Dr. Kathleen Andrus, DVM and her team. Call Us: 832-427-1457 for more information & details about the event. Great way to get your pets vaccinated without having to pay for an office visit!

    5 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Pet

    1. Vaccinations prevent many pet illnesses.

    2. Vaccinations can help avoid costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented.

    3. Vaccinations prevent diseases that can be passed not only from animal to animal but also from animal to human.

    4. Diseases prevalent in wildlife, such as rabies and distemper, can infect unvaccinated pets.

    5. Many areas, local or state ordinances require certain vaccinations of household pets.

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